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Performance Series

The RDM Intercom Performance Series is designed to provide the communications solutions you need to help make your business more productive and more profitable. Highly versatile and expandable, the Performance Series supports system configurations from 8 to 24 stations. Add additional station selectors for easy internal communication and to help provide better customer service and a more productive environment. 

Performance Series Systems 

78-6911-4796-7 8 Station Wired Intercom, 1 Channel, 2 I/O Cards, VOX 

78-6911-4799-1 20 Station Wired Intercom, 1 Channel, 5 I/O Cards, VOX 

Multiple station application is ideal for use in c-stores. One audio channel. LCD display allows employees to easily identify which customer is calling. Inbound call organizing automatically presents customer calls in the order they were received. Hold and recall features help provide better customer service and help prevent calls from being forgotten. Speaking activates talk function, keeping employees’ hands free for other tasks.

Customer Service